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Alex Dael is on the brink of achieving the extraordinary. It’s the scientific breakthrough of a thousand lifetimes, but inside he feels empty. Success is tempered when there is no one to share it with. He believes that to live without love is to live in true poverty. When Alex finally meets a woman who is everything he desires, she’s out of reach. Rather than face the constant reminder and a career that has peaked, he chooses to take a wild ride. Alex believes that because of us, the cosmos comes to know itself. This time it returns the favor.
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"Burnished Bridge" is a short novella, but it is big on ideas. In fact, anyone who has read Ray Melnik's previous novels "The Room" and "To Your Own Self Be True" knows Melnik takes ground-breaking scientific theories and creates impressive, often mind-blowing plots, but not sheerly for the technological magic or special effects, but to explore and develop his characters. Melnik is first and foremost a romantic and a student of the human character, and secondly, a writer of science fiction. - by Tyler R. Tichelaar - author of "The Marquette Trilogy"