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An existential view of life with an extraordinary twist…

a novella - GHOST IN THE PARK

GHOST IN THE PARK - In the littlest park in a tiny corner of Staten Island, New York, realities will collide. Unintended consequences from events will alter lives. One to uncover a secret, another to confess, and the last to save a love.

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The Tetralogy

THE ROOM - No matter how hard we try, life doesn’t always go as we plan. Just as Harry begins to pick up the pieces of his life, emotions once hidden away must be dealt with as old wounds are exposed. Although he finally meets a woman who understands and truly loves him, the cosmos takes a different path. He discovers that what goes wrong in life sometimes matters as much as what goes right.

TO YOUR OWN SELF BE TRUE - It is the year 2021 and Kaela is twenty-three years old when her father shares his secret about an extraordinary event that changed his very existence fifteen years earlier. She was taught many lessons in moral principles growing up, but it's rare that the most profound of them would be put to the test. A convergence of events gives her father the opportunity to teach her one of the greatest lessons of all. (sequel to THE ROOM)

BURNISHED BRIDGE - Alex Dael is on the brink of achieving the extraordinary. It's the scientific breakthrough of a thousand lifetimes, but inside he feels empty. Success is tempered when there is no one to share it with. He believes that to live without love is to live in true poverty. When Alex finally meets a woman who is everything he desires, she's out of reach. Rather than face the constant reminder and a career that has peaked, he chooses to take a wild ride. Alex believes that because of us, the cosmos comes to know itself. This time it returns the favor.

EYES IN THIS WORLD - (Series ending novel) In Eyes In This World, love is once again at the center of the story. We learn that that there is no force in any reality more powerful. Five humans and one AI are on an extraordinary mission to unlock the secrets of the cosmos. It takes the one among them least able to experience it, to help them understand. In what might be their final chance to unlock the collective knowledge of an alternate reality, they choose compassion for a friend. Five people searching science for the answer, but all of them were finding it within themselves.

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THE ROOM - Book 1






The series ending novel - EYES IN THIS WORLD - Book 4



Life's Reason